Catherine Corelli

Catherine Corelli

singer-songwriter, producer, aspiring model, graphic artist, transsexual woman.

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    BIO One would be hard pressed to discover an artist with the versatility and diversity possessed by Cat Corelli. A singer, songwriter, producer, musician, and designer, Cat’s eclectic musical tastes land primarily in the realm of metal but remain open to influence by many other genres. Since her teenage years, Cat has been drawn to listen to acts such as Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon, and Korn, but is quick to point out that she can just as easily get lost in the sounds of Miles Davis. To date, Cat has released an astonishing sixteen albums and EPs covering a wide swath of musical genres. Her debut album, Heaven Syndrome, was released in 2010 and featured a dozen tracks consisting of electronic, experimental, and pop. Since then, Cat has spent a great deal of her time focusing on the metal genre while still dabbling in other styles such as acid jazz, rap, alternative rock, and latin. Her latest project, I Alice: Severance, is a deathcore album set to drop in Summer 2017. All of Cat’s music is currently available on her website, through digital distribution services like Amazon and iTunes and also for streaming on Spotify. Away from music, Cat is an advocate of many causes. The transsexual artist is a vocal supporter of efforts promoting equality, empowerment, and human and animal rights. She has used her own website to spread the word about causes such as Stand With Standing Rock and the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). In fact, all proceeds from the sale of her single “Scapegod” have benefitted CCF. Additionally, Cat spends much of her spare time handcrafting jewelry, sculptures, and other accessories for fans. She is also an avid painter.


musician, singer, performer, artist, producer

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