Evgeni Lobanov

Evgeni Lobanov

Manager foreign contact, Puzzle. At the moment I live in St. Petersburg.

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    What are you - you know anything about Russia? Probably, what you know about this country - is that here the dictatorship of Mr. Putin, here live badly, but there's oligarchs. You're right! But this is unlikely to help us work with you. You want to earn money, and I want to find reliable partners. And that means you will be interested in other information about Russia. The only thing you really will be interesting to know about Russia - in Russia are considerably cheaper than in your country (timber, lumber, energy, skilled labor force, the implementation of your innovative product). This is due to government policy that wants to quickly sell everything and make money.Therefore, residents are forced to live by this principle. In this regard I have for you 3 excellent suggestions for how I want to change the situation around me in another direction and find good friends abroad, and develop your business. Today I want to offer cooperation in three areas: 1. I want to sell the Russian North (pine, fir ...) forest. A forest in any form, including paper (such as offset paper 500 sheet is ~ $ 8 a cubic meter of such an edging board a variety ~ $ 260). Price does not significantly increase this amount. 2. I have an idea how to earn very good money using the features of the financial systems of Russia and your country. We're just going to work and earn it. 3. The idea is to provide services - tours of the city of St. - Petersburg. But the unusual trip, not boring and banal, and excursions that will tell you that nowhere else will tell. Visit the places where, you, no one will take (also popular places to visit). Become a member of the mini - the theater presentation! That is, the Peter and that Russia is really not that which is visible from the bus window, or learned by rote and boring words guide. This excursion will plunge you into shock! All ideas are absolutely legal. I'm not used to work in illegal schemes. If you are interested in one of these ideas, send me an e-mail evgeni.lobanov@gmail.com


Manager foreign contact

At Puzzle

From 2008 to Present
Search for investors. Contracts with foreign partners in the timber industry. I am attracted to companies of 12 investors. I realized 3 large supply of sawn timber and round wood.

Manager for foreign communicate

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