Igor Sosin

Igor Sosin

Shareholder, Cvetochny Standart LLC

Moscow, Russia

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    yachtingtenniskick-boxingalpine skiing

    About him

    Igor Sosin is a business professional with experience in owning and managing companies involved in retail, construction, manufacturing, furniture, and commercial property.

    In 1993 he founded a well-known construction and finishing material trade company "Starik Hottabych", which was a leader in the Russian market for almost 14 years.

    In 2004 Mr.Sosin founded the «New Idea Investment Group» in Russia to invest in retail chains experiencing fast growth.

    The main projects of «New Idea Investment Group» are: DIY OBI (a joint venture with OBI AG Germany), Modis (a chain of big format stores specialized in fashion), Cats&Dogs (a specialty retailer of pet goods), L’Envie (a chain of stores selling premium class bed linen). These retail chains are located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other major Russian cities. Igor Sosin is also a shareholder of Structure Enterprises N.V. which produces nonalcoholic beverages under ZEO trademark.

    In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, yachting, skiing, and kick boxing.