Komarov Alexander

Komarov Alexander

web analyst, Kaspersky Lab

Currently employed at Kaspersky Lab

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    Personal website: www.iskandre.com A fan of hadoop Web analysis, programming, data mining. Tracking setup and implementation. Synchronizing data from e-Commerce partners (e.g. Sales Data, Pricing data, Product data) with web analytics system in order to create full-overview report. Using Omniture as the primary web analytics solution. Integration Omniture with various platforms (e.g. A/B testing - Maxymiser) and mechanisms (e.g. online consultant on site). Working with Omniture API (Sitecatalyst, Discover, Datawarehouse), retrieving and consolidating a tremendous amount of data into actionable Excel Pivots. Developing applications in JAVA for internal use in the company to fetch a plethora of data from Omniture into Excel for the further analysis. Synchronization actual data from web analytics system with the forecast model for the comparing analysis. Educating and informing regional online managers across functions on web metrics-terminology, online marketing campaigns tracking concepts, Omniture trainings. Also trends, insights and recommendations. Web developing. iOS developing (developing apps for iPhone) My latest iOS app https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/vk-fan-club-russian-fans-rihanna/id721186507?l=en&mt=8 Languages: Objective-C, Java, Javascript, VBA, SQL Microsoft Office: Excel (macros, pivot tables, complex formulas), PowerPoint Hadoop: MapReduce, Hive -- Web analyse, programmation Travaillant avec Omniture API (Sitecatalyst, Discover, Datawarehouse), rentrer et consolider les données, analyse. Développer les applications en JAVA (utilisant Omniture API) pour les utilisateurs internes de la Société. Opérer avec grand nombre de données à travers beaucoup des rapport suites dans Omniture. Synchroniser les données actuelles du système d'analyze web avec les prévisions pour comprarer les analyzes. Développer Excel macros pour consolider les données en Excel. Tracking implémentation. Aider le manager régional avec le tracking.


Web analyst

At Kaspersky Lab

From September 2012 to Present
Tracking setup and implementation on all corporate sites of Kaspersky (more than 80 in almost 200 countries and territories across the globe including promo sites) plus pages hosted on e-Commerce partners + inProduct tracking. Using Omniture as the primary web analytics solution. Synchronizing...
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web analyst

At I-Media

From February 2011 to August 2012
Google Analytics tracking code implementation. Code modification and improvement. Goals and e-commerce codes set-up. Custom variables and page events set-up in Google Analytics. Data analysis. Working with databases to carry out large scale analysis. Working with Google Analytics, Yahoo Web...
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web developer

At Freelancer

From June 2009 to January 2011

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