Sergey Rodionov

Sergey Rodionov

CEO, Technologies of intensification of oil recovery

Saratov, Russia

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    August 2015


    Technologies of intensification of oil recovery

    New technologies of increase of petroreturn of layers are developed and tested.
    Based on physical influence new technologies of increase of petroreturn of the layers are developed and tested for a layer. It is technology In 2 stages punching of chinks and the hydraulic infrasonic vibrator lowered in a chink on a cable. The joint influence on a layer of these methods leads to indemnification of losses pressure at the expense of increase in a contour of a food of a chink and decrease in viscosity of oil In the conditions of an oil layer.
    These technologies and the equipment provide:
    1.gaz-hydraulic the wedge is created at performance of punching and are created long and numerous cracks in poorly nontight oil layer;
    2.Influence on a layer in radius to 600м from an interval of punching by means of the powerful infrasonic hydrovibrator lowered in a chink on a cable; the technology allows to restore working capacity of chinks with lowered in 2-3 times layer pressure; reduces viscosity of oil in layer conditions;
    3.Increase many times over the interclearing period of chinks from paraffin at the expense of installation of the magnetic antiparaffin device of new type.
    Sergey Rodionov

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